Air conditioning repair requests

All repair requests for the house building have to go through the boss.

This is a rule that has been the same for the past 2 years.

I have been working for the house building complex that long. When there is a repair that requires parts, I have to make a request. When a repair requires repair from an outside provider, I have to send a request for that as well. Over the weekend, there was a problem with one of our tenants and I needed to upgrade some parts for the air conditioning. The parts for the air conditioning were only $17 and I paid for them out of my own pocket. I honestly did not think it was going to be a big deal and I knew that the parts were going to repair the problem with the customers air conditioning. I submitted the bill so I could get paid and I got a call 5 minutes later from my boss. She wanted to see me inside her office. When I sat down, I honestly thought she was going to write me a check or supply me money out of the drawer. I legitimately did not expect her to yell at me for not following the rules. I told my boss that the $17 parts were no big deal and I did not mind paying for them, even though she told me that I wasn’t following directions and it wasn’t about the amount of money that I paid for the parts. I don’t feel I’m going to work here much longer with stupid rules like that.

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Noises from the fireplace

It’s aggravating when there are troubles with the heating or cooling system, but recently I had problems with the fireplace, a part of our heating system that we use quite frequently.

My wife and I bought our home with a fireplace so we could use that to help our heating costs year after year.

A fireplace is free to use as long as you don’t include the cost of wood. We entirely get free wood from the forest behind the house, so it’s no big deal for us to use our fireplace. I heard some unusual noises coming from inside of the chimney and it was getting close to the time when we would normally use our fireplace. I contacted someone at the heating contractor to have a full system repair performed on the chimney. There are skilled and trained businesses that climb up on the roof and clean the chimney from the inside out. This time when I had the repair performed, I found out that squirrels made a nest in the chimney during the summer. I had no idea that there were squirrels inside of the chimney and I don’t feel we heard any noises at all during the spring or summer. The repair business took some pictures of the problematic areas. We had all of the debris and problematic areas cleaned and detached and after that we had the repair business clean and completely sanitize the inside of the chimney. We did not want to breathe any excrement from the squirrel so it was a superb idea to make sure that the chimney was well cleaned.


Issues with the furnace

I knew there was another space heating system in the hall closet

Both of my boys played hoops for the school and they are both good. I would not be surprised to find out that both of the boys end up with a scholarship to play hoops at a division one school. We had to go to a game that was on the other side of the state. It was an exhibition game and we did not get home until it was almost midnight. It was about 40° outside that night and it felt just as cold inside of the house. It wasn’t entirely pleasant and I knew there was a problem with the furnace as soon as we walked into the house. I told the boys to take a shower and I told them to grab a space heating system from the hall closet. The boys were complaining about the rapidly changing temperatures and I knew they weren’t going to be happy with the frigid air. I did not want them to go right to bed without taking a shower even if the furnace was broken. I contacted an emergency repair provider as soon as I got the kids settled. The emergency repair provider said it was going to cost an extra fee to come to the home in the middle of the night. I did not want to spend my savings any extra fees when I could wait until the day. I knew there was another space heating system in the hall closet. I slept in the bedroom or the door closed and the space heating system was running on high. The boys and I made it through to the other side.
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Eleven in the afternoon cleaning ductwork

I’ve been happy to see all the cryptos go up, even the one I had a lot of, while I relax on this dead duck stock I was sure was going to explode.

I should have stayed with the AI company I was working with, but I thought it would be a good idea to switch to a company that looks like it could go under any afternoon.

When it comes to investing, I need to learn to be more patient, and maybe then I wouldn’t lose all of my money as I did over the past year. The local dealer was right when he told me to buy and hold, but I didn’t listen and lost all of the money I had saved on my heating and cooling systems over the past ten years. Imagine saving money for 10 years only to spend it all in a short amount of time because you couldn’t wait. Well, I guess my dad, who sold heating and air conditioning, was right when he told me that people who do stand-up comedy or skydiving are risky investors. I probably wouldn’t take financial advice from someone who jumps out of planes for a living. I think they might be too risky with their investments, don’t you? I won’t try to do something I don’t know anything about. Instead, I’ll stick to cleaning ducts and selling furnace filters. In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter because the money goes out and money comes in all the time. Money is energy, and energy flows in this way. I’m going to the nearby store to get a HEPA filter.


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Missing my mama's gas fireplace

This week’s Friday and the only thing I have to do is a short leg workout at 5 p.m. today with my workout buddy. Other than that, I’ll be working online and letting my body heal so I can play drums and sing with the band tomorrow. We’re trying to find our sound and getting closer, but my partner and I still need more time to fine-tune our rock and roll so that we can bring in crowds like I know we can. We’ve mostly been playing on the streets, but my friend and I are starting to do local company shows in clubs and air-conditioned bars around the neighborhood to earn some money. I played a little too much ball a couple of afternoons ago, though, and now my elbow hurts. I need to get better quickly so that I can drum without pain. I’ve been cooling my elbow with icy gel and warming it up with a heating pad that my mom gave me. This helps a lot with joint pain when you cool and heat the joint over and over again. I’m feeling better, but I need to keep working on the pain a bit more. My furnace will need to be cleaned out at some point, and if my elbow is still hurting, I’ll call the heating dealership and have them send a worker to do the job for me. I want to focus on rock ‘n’ roll and need a good elbow, so having someone else do that work would help me a lot.


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Uncle Ron is a modern HVAC supplier

Uncle Ron was always the family handyman. He fixed everything from leaky faucets to faulty wiring. However, laboring in heating plus air conditioning changed his life. Uncle Ron enrolled in another intensive heating plus air conditioning training program to learn modern skills. He attended workshops, studied manuals, plus shadowed experienced techs. Commercial heating plus cooling systems were more complicated than he thought. He started his contracting work with confidence plus comprehension. He started a small business, “Ron’s heating plus air conditioning Solutions,” plus offered his services to everyone. His comprehension plus purchaser repair hastily earned a reputation. He inspired homeowners with broken furnaces plus air conditionings. Each successful repair or installation increased Uncle Ron’s reputation plus clientele. He also stood out from the other supplier due to his attention to detail plus industry comprehension. To save his purchasers money plus reduce their carbon footprint, he explored modern tech plus energy-efficient solutions. He then employed skilled techs as his corporation grew. He encouraged them to develop their skills plus he shared his comprehension. They formed a tight-knit group united by their passion for heating plus air conditioning plus commitment to excellent service. His residential heating plus air conditioning corporation grew into a community staple. He went above plus beyond for the homeowner’s comfort plus safety. His technical skills, integrity, plus purchaser care earned him respect. My uncle Ron’s heating plus air conditioning was pleased with his progress as he should. Curiosity turned into a successful work. His heating plus air conditioning passion turned him into a skilled supplier who helped everyone in the community. Regardless, everything he has eventually accomplished in life is great; however, to me he will always be the family handyman.



My central air conditioning was leaking water

I appreciated the air conditioning on any tepid summer time afternoon.

The soothing hum of the air conditioning lulled me to sleep as I reclined in my chair.

But this peaceful oasis was soon to be transformed into a murky mess, plus I was confused about why. From the back corner of the room, I heard a peculiar dripping sound throughout the afternoon. The air conditioning had leaked water onto the floor, which led me to know that was the noise. I was taken aback to find that my AC leaked. I carefully examined the residential air conditioning in search of the problem. I discovered a clogged drainage pipe that wasn’t allowing condensation from the air conditioning to drain. To repair the air conditioning, I retrieved my tools plus began taking it apart. Carefully, I pulled away the obstruction from the drain, restoring normal water flow. I reassembled it plus prayed my quick fix would be successful. When the air conditioning kicked on again, I breathed a sigh of relief as the room was once again filled with cool air. After finishing up the repairs, I felt slightly satisfied however realized it certainly wasn’t efficient enough. I also decided to have a professional heating plus air conditioning repair my air conditioning to stop any further leaks. I learned the tough way that regular inspections were necessary to keep the AC unit in peak condition. From that point on, I knew I had to maintain the air conditioning by changing the air filters plus emptying the condensation drain… Now that I finally knew what to look for plus how to fix it, I could relax plus care about the hot weather separate from worrying about any more possible water detriment.

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Heated floors did not make my dog ecstatic

The hardwood floors in our property have always been a source of tension between my partner and me.

She enjoys walking around barefoot however dislikes walking on freezing wood floors.

While some people may have various troubles with the flooring, I never have. I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her as our financial situation improved over the years, despite the fact that my good friend and I were never a wealthy family. In order to have radiant floors installed, I contacted a local heating plus air conditioning corporation plus set up an appointment. I was looking forward to having my partner return from a corporation trip away from the condo to care about the modern floors with me. The only thing I forgot was to include our dog, Marko. When it came to flooring, he preferred the cooler ones plus avoided the heated flooring. In fact, he started to have accidents on the modern floor plus refused to sit on them. Since I cared so deeply about him, I knew I had to help in some way. As much as my partner appreciated the newly installed radiant floors, she couldn’t help but notice Marko’s unusual behavior when she got home. I filled her in on what was going on, plus my good friend and I collaborated to find a way to make Marko plus her both ecstatic with the outcome. My associate and I settled on the idea of installing an unheated floor space for him to use inside the house. The solution eliminated the accidents, plus everyone involved was relieved. Whenever I feel the urge to do something nice, I have to consider how it will make our dog feel!

Heat pump

My animal lounges next to the central air conditioning unit

The cares of the world always seemed to melt in those times, leaving behind a sense of contentment.

Bonkers, my cat, sought safety next to the air conditioning as the neighborhood was engulfed in a heat wave. He could take refuge from the heat of the afternoon plus care about the gentle breeze there. He was a generic black animal which said generic sounds terrible but he had great green eyes. But he had a genre that came with him. He would stretch his body out, then curl up in a cozy ball, as if he was some sort of king. The entire and real fact that he was there, next to the humming air conditioning, testified to his unwavering care for luxury. He would look out over the neighborhood with an air of royalty. Occasionally, he would lift his head plus look out the window, lazily enjoying the passing traffic below as the breeze caressed his fur. The birds singing from the nearby trees were pleasant, however they failed to capture his attention. In retrospect, I really wish Bonkers had that easy life that he has. He was in an oasis of calm in my otherwise frenetic life. He taught me the value of slowing down to care about the little things. On precious occasions, I would even join Bonkers plus layout on the floor next to him. My associate and I used to care about the cool relief that the air conditioning brought to us as a pair. The cares of the world always seemed to melt in those times, leaving behind a sense of contentment. In general, I’m entirely jealous of his life. I do have to still get him food plus sporadically make sure his litter box is clean. But overall, he has it definitely made. It must be great to be a cat.

Heating and cooling equipment

Getting up to find that the heating system is simply broken

Wednesday’s could be fun, don’t you agree? Actually, you don’t have to agree however this week is Wednesday after all.

  • This means that I have to go to work.

This morning I awoke to a freezing property plus wondered why my roommate had not turned on the dial thermostat to the proper 70 degrees. He wakes about an hour or so before I do because he knows I like the property warmer in the morning. My associate and I both like it cool at night, it certainly helps us sleep better although I need that heat to get up in the morning. He certainly forgot because my good friend and I were both up so late playing video games last night. I recommended he go to bed so my good friend and I just continued tonight but he was so addicted to the storyline. Regardless, I must be ok being a little cold with how the locale feels right now. The dial thermostat shows a setting of 70 degrees however I’m not confused. I guess that means he did crank up the thermostat, however this locale isn’t exactly the temperature he set it to. This all can’t be right plus I’m a little reluctant to call the heating plus air conditioning corporation, although I desperately needed an afternoon off from labor so I made up an excuse that I was sick. I got a hold of the heating plus air conditioning corporation plus they said a heating tech would be available for a short appointment in a few hours. It made me ecstatic that they could come to our locale that hastily. It would be terrible to have the same problem waiting for me another morning. A heating tech finally arrived a few hours later to check out the heating plus air conditioning system. He looked and then said, “Easy fix, modern filters. I have a few in my truck.” I was relieved.


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