Author: Chris

Noises from the fireplace

It’s aggravating when there are troubles with the heating or cooling system, but recently I had problems with the fireplace, a part of our heating system that we use quite frequently. My wife and I bought our home with a fireplace so we could use that to help our heating costs year after year. A […]

Air conditioning repair requests

All repair requests for the house building have to go through the boss. This is a rule that has been the same for the past 2 years. I have been working for the house building complex that long. When there is a repair that requires parts, I have to make a request. When a repair […]

Issues with the furnace

I knew there was another space heating system in the hall closet Both of my boys played hoops for the school and they are both good. I would not be surprised to find out that both of the boys end up with a scholarship to play hoops at a division one school. We had to […]

Eleven in the afternoon cleaning ductwork

I’ve been happy to see all the cryptos go up, even the one I had a lot of, while I relax on this dead duck stock I was sure was going to explode. I should have stayed with the AI company I was working with, but I thought it would be a good idea to […]

Missing my mama's gas fireplace

This week’s Friday and the only thing I have to do is a short leg workout at 5 p.m. today with my workout buddy. Other than that, I’ll be working online and letting my body heal so I can play drums and sing with the band tomorrow. We’re trying to find our sound and getting […]

My central air conditioning was leaking water

I appreciated the air conditioning on any tepid summer time afternoon. The soothing hum of the air conditioning lulled me to sleep as I reclined in my chair. But this peaceful oasis was soon to be transformed into a murky mess, plus I was confused about why. From the back corner of the room, I […]

Heated floors did not make my dog ecstatic

The hardwood floors in our property have always been a source of tension between my partner and me. She enjoys walking around barefoot however dislikes walking on freezing wood floors. While some people may have various troubles with the flooring, I never have. I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her as our […]

Uncle Ron is a modern HVAC supplier

Uncle Ron was always the family handyman. He fixed everything from leaky faucets to faulty wiring. However, laboring in heating plus air conditioning changed his life. Uncle Ron enrolled in another intensive heating plus air conditioning training program to learn modern skills. He attended workshops, studied manuals, plus shadowed experienced techs. Commercial heating plus cooling […]