Author: Chris

It became easier to visit the cabin in winter

When Mom was on her deathbed, she wanted her kids to ensure the household in the mountains was kept in the family. She wasn’t so sad about anything else which surprised us. But she was adamant that we shouldn’t sell the place once she was gone. Honestly, I don’t think that either my brother or […]

We grew apart after the kids left for college

For instance, the Heating and A/C unit’s upkeep is now all on me It’s still kinda weird that something that takes some getting used to when you’re suddenly living alone after years of being married. But that’s what seemed to be best for us in this scenario. Once the kids were out of home and […]

Got a smart control unit after so much waiting

With my fiance, I have to be certainly persistent when it comes to getting stuff that we need. He’s the one who is consistently sad about spending money. And I’m more like what’s the use of having money if you don’t use it. So the fact that it took almost a decade to get a […]

HVAC solutions for outdoor living

I have to say that this summer time was the most comfortable since we’ve been living away from the cities. Living off the grid has been something of a lifeline pursuit that I made happen. It was a mixture of being persistent for any of this to happen. Even with all the knowledge, understanding as […]