Author: Chris

That was not an accident

I could not believe what I did the other day by accident. I was doing laundry in the basement, and I ended up dropping a small piece of clothing that somehow made its way into the gas blue flame of my gas furnace! It caught on fire and I had to act quick to get […]

I actually won and I was so happy about it

But thanks to me taking a chance on this lottery and winning I am now able to! I plan to get the most up to date and high quality model central heating and air conditioning system. It is not everyday I mess around with or enter any kind of lottery. But I entered into this […]

This matters and I can tell why

This is very important about the heat and a/c set up When you get a brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system there are a lot of things to consider. One that many do not think about is HVAC set up. Setting up your brand new central heating and air […]

The days are getting very long

I have been going to school at night to become a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. In the day I have been working a very dead end and crappy job. I am now happy to say that I passed my final exam and now have my official certification to become a heating and cooling […]

That's just not a great solution

I recently took a chance on buying washable air filters for my central heating and air conditioning system. Had been hearing about washable air filters for a few years now and was very curious to try them out! Well, the ones that I bought were not so great. When I went to wash them they […]

This system is far too old to cool

I can remember the older cars from back in the day. They had their ups and had their downs. The one thing I remember clearly about this one car that my older brother had back when is that the central air conditioning in it was pretty strong, but the central heating was kind of weak. […]

That was just too much for me

I remember back when I used to have this old central heating and air conditioning system. It was in the days when heating and air conditioning was pretty new to the commercial market. So we are talking almost 50 years ago! This central heating and air conditioning system worked really well for its time, however […]

I really couldn't believe the value

Things happen at the worst times let me tell you! My central heating and air conditioning system broke down the other day when I got home from work which was after hours. At that time of the day there is no regular heating and cooling company opened to send out a certified heat and a/c […]