It’s five at night with heating

I still have an hour of work before I can take a break, nap, and listen to music.

My neighbor wants to work out at 4 p.m., but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it because I still have some work to do at home.

I squandered some time this afternoon playing with my cats and ended up starting my workday much later than usual. I’ll get it done one way or another, and I’ll be finished by 5 p.m. Heating will be required later because it is genuinely humid outside, and when the sun goes down, it gets so cold that you will need to run your HVAC system to warm up when you get home. I enjoy taking hot baths as well, but this week I don’t have much time, so I’ll just find another way to cool down in the flat with the heat. I’m not using the HVAC component much right now because the weather is nice, and I’m sure my next power bill will be one of the lowest of the year so far. I may just relax on the beach with some friends and play music in our band tomorrow because I am tired from not sleeping well last night and am not sure I’ll have the energy to drum for hours. My boiler’s cooling filter is filthy, and I’m going to clean it right now. Despite the upcoming task of cleaning my boiler’s cooling filter, I’m determined to finish my work by 5 p.m. and find alternative ways to cool down in the heat while saving on my power bill.

central heater

I’m working on the radiant heating unit

I’m down to about 30 minutes of work before taking a break for a nap.

Then I’ll return and work for 45 minutes more before calling it a day for the afternoon.

This week will be a little slower because I am exhausted from staying up late last night. I was playing sports until about 8 p.m., and by the time I got home and took a shower, it was already 10 p.m., and I still hadn’t eaten dinner. I think I went to bed around 1 a.m. and woke up around 8 a.m. because my cooling system had stopped working and my dining room was getting genuinely hot. I have the option of canceling all of my plans this week with my band and friends on the beach later, or I can work out and play music later after hitting the beach for a game or two of ball. Because the heating contractor is closed this week, all I have to do is complete my work online and then I am free to do whatever I want. I think I’ll do my yoga and see how my body feels, and if I’m not in too much pain, I might be able to play ball and music tonight. My good friend and I also need to go to a couple of local businesses and hand out our business cards in case they are looking for entertainment for their clubs and bars. My good friend and I would like to do three or four gigs per week if the pay is good so that my colleague and I can reduce our HVAC tech work.


boiler repair

The body is cooling off at home

I need to decide whether I want to relax on the beach with my friends later or play music with my bandmate on the pier by the beach.

Those are my two passions, and they sometimes clash.

I can’t do both on the same afternoon because they require far too much energy, and my shoulders can’t handle it. Volleyball uses the shoulders a lot, and drumming uses them even more, so I can only do one in the afternoon and need to decide soon which one it will be, but cooling down my shoulders after playing sports or music is a must, and the cold sea works well for that, which is then followed by a heating up session next to my radiant space heater. I played some ball last night, and my shoulders are a little sore this week, but I think they’re good enough to play again or drum in the band. I’ll wait to hear from my HVAC tech bandmate and let him decide whether or not to play. When he is stressed and unable to, I will pack my beach gear and play some games. My wonderful friend and I must also clean out my furnace, which is an oil furnace and is in desperate need of a thorough cleaning after being used extensively throughout the winter. I believe my associate and I can complete that task in an hour or two this weekend and be set until next winter. Ultimately, I will make the decision based on my friend’s availability and the condition of my shoulders, but whether I end up on the beach or playing music, I know I can rely on the cooling sea and my trusty space heater to take care of my shoulders afterward.
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Eight heating representatives to help

I haven’t done this kind of work in a long time, and I’d like another set of eyes to make sure I’m doing it correctly

This week has been one of those workdays that seems to go on forever with no end in sight. But I know that if I just keep slowly plugging along, the toil will be completed on its own. When faced with a difficult task or a large pile of work, it is best not to pass judgment. This afternoon, I’m just going with the flow and letting the work take care of itself while I sit back and watch. If I don’t feel anything and just do, I find that it goes by much faster and easier. Tomorrow will be spent selling HEPA filters, but there is no point in thinking about the job at the HVAC company until that time arrives. It is best to stay in the present moment and not think about the future or the past; this allows you to be more immersed in what you are doing and achieve higher-quality results. I need to clean the heating and cooling system later, and I’m going to hire an HVAC technician to make sure I’m doing it correctly. I haven’t done this kind of work in a long time, and I’d like another set of eyes to make sure I’m doing it correctly. After that, I’ll go visit my cooling tech neighbor and eat dinner at a nearby restaurant, then come back to the condo and nap for an hour to recharge my batteries for the upcoming Wednesday night. It’s important to stay present at the moment, let go of distractions, and focus on the task at hand to achieve higher-quality results and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Time to toil on the heating device upstairs

I’m tired because I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

  • I seem to have a good night’s sleep followed by a night of tossing and turning.

I believe it is my soul speaking to me, telling me that I need to change some things in my life, so I am assessing my life and what could be improved. I believe music is the main thing that keeps me awake at night, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’d like to get more sleep in general. HVAC system labor is on my mind as well, as my colleague and I preparing for another stressful summer at the cooling corporation. My mind likes to talk to me late at night when I should be sleeping, so I’m learning to quiet it down when it starts talking so that I can get back to sleep. My air purification system greatly aids my sleep by producing a pleasant white noise that usually lulls me back to sleep when I wake up. I’m trying to get to bed early so that I have plenty of time to sleep because my colleague and I usually get up pretty early here once the cats start making noise. They like to sleep next to my HVAC system at night, and when they wake up, they rush to my dining room door and begin scratching at it until I get up. They get hungry early in the afternoon, and I need to feed them to calm them down. In conclusion, prioritizing a good night’s sleep, managing my HVAC system, and addressing the needs of my feline companions are key elements in my quest for better rest and a more peaceful morning routine.

Air conditioning repair

Air conditioner assistance coming up soon

I just ate a large apple and am quite full.

Actually, I had an apple for dinner last night as well.

I returned from the beach last night starving and with no food in the house, so I made a pear, kefir, and peanut butter smoothie and ate it for dinner. I think it was a pretty healthy dinner, but it wasn’t what I usually eat because I was hungry and in a hurry to get some food in my body. Tonight I’m going to make some rice with broccoli and tuna while getting some weather control in my flat because the weather is getting pretty hot and I like to have some air conditioning while I relax or eat at home. I’ll try to take a nap this afternoon after I finish my writing work, which will be around 3 pm because I have a training session on the beach at 4 pm. My good friend and I will play music alongside this local corporation on the beach and then talk to them about doing some shows for the buyers in the bar afterward. This town will soon be packed, and my associate and I plan on doing shows a few mornings a week to earn money while having a good time. The cooling rep from town is going to join us as he plays the tambourine and adds rhythms to our music. I believe my associate and I will record all of our music tonight, as well as see if my associate and I can upload some new music.


Air quality systems

Eleven more for my cooling company

It’s 12:30 p.m., and I still have about two hours of work ahead of me.

I also have a client training session at 4pm, so I need to get a transfer so that I have time for dinner and relaxation before the training session.

I’ll push myself to finish these quickly so that I can make my salad for the week, which I like to do each week at the beginning of the week so that I eat salad every afternoon, and then hVAC system repairs are on the agenda for this weekend as my associate and I do a massive duct cleaning task for this corporation in town. I believe my colleague and I can complete the task in three afternoons, which means it may need to be completed on Tuesday, which is fine because Tuesday is a holiday and the corporation will be closed. I’ll be working with an HVAC technician who is an expert at cleaning ductwork, so it should be a breeze once my colleague and I get started. I believe my associate and I will play music tonight on the pier around sunset, as well as possibly record some new music while we’re at it. My heating contractor neighbor and I have been playing together for a year now, and my associate and I have about 20 songs online, some of which are about working in the heating and cooling industry, as well as the experiences my associate and I have had while doing so. I enjoy working in this field, and I also enjoy singing about it.
Furnace filter for sale

Clean clothes plus clean cooling systems

I’m going to work hard and write one more article before heading out for an afternoon bike ride.

It’s great to live in a small town where I can walk or ride my bike to almost anywhere in town in a matter of minutes.

I live two minutes by bike from the beach and two minutes by foot from the grocery store. I have a nice setup living in this new three dining room two bath flat with one roommate who is either working or relaxing in his room. The HVAC system at the site is also new, and it keeps us all cool with the cold air conditioner during these hot summers. It’s pretty cool that you can live somewhere in the world for about $1000 a month for everything, which makes toiling a lot more pleasant because I’m not under pressure to make money. I’m going to work a little harder on the new business until I have a nice buffer in the bank so I can spend money on things like HVAC system repairs or dental problems. I have to go to the doctor next month because it has been three years since I had my teeth cleaned. The air conditioned doctor’s office is pleasant in terms of temperature, but the rest of the visit is not so pleasant. But I have to go in and have some cracks in my teeth bonded, as well as have my teeth cleaned and checked for cavities. As I finish this article and prepare for my afternoon bike ride, I’m reminded of the importance of financial stability, not only for enjoying the small-town perks but also for being prepared for unexpected expenses like HVAC repairs or dental treatments.


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Cooling down in the office is where it’s at

In the summer, I like to keep my cooling system running all afternoon because it keeps me cool while I work, which gives me energy because the heat can wear me down otherwise.

My cold sea dips are coming to an end as summer approaches and the water temperatures rise, though it is still in the cool zone at 60F, but the seas will soon become moderate and my cold sea dips will have to wait until the fall and winter seasons. I like to take these dips in the afternoon because they truly wake me up and provide me with energy for the afternoon, allowing me to get my work done without too much difficulty. I’m thinking about going for a run in the afternoon and then controlling the weather in my office with my mini split air conditioner unit. Summers here are genuinely hot, and I usually stay in the flat until 6 p.m. or later because it is simply too hot to do anything without getting hot or tired. In the summer, I like to keep my cooling system running all afternoon because it keeps me cool while I work, which gives me energy because the heat can wear me down otherwise. I won’t need to run the system for another month and a half because it’s nearing the end of May and the temps aren’t quite as hot as they are now. But once the humidity sets in, it’ll be cold HVAC systems all afternoon to keep my colleague and me comfortable while we’re here in the flat. I’m looking forward to a fun summer of music and volleyball, and hoping that my body cooperates and lasts another summer. As the summer approaches, the writer’s cold sea dips will have to wait until the fall and winter seasons, but they plan to stay cool and energized in the afternoons with runs and their mini split air conditioner unit.

hydronic heating

Waiting for the local HVAC company

A lot of life is spent waiting, but it doesn’t have to be that way if my partner and I just stay present.

I seem to be waiting for a lot of things: my stocks to appreciate, a new man, to see my mother again, and so on.

But if I keep wasting my time waiting, my life will never be where I want it to be. I’m focusing more on enjoying what I have, even if I feel something is missing, and realizing that if I stop waiting, I’ll be more at peace. HVAC repairs aren’t the most enjoyable thing in the world to do, but if I focus on cleaning this air conditioner component or repairing an oil furnace without thinking about when I’ll be done, I’ll appreciate the present more and it won’t be as taxing! You can wait your entire life for something or other and never truly love what you have, which is kind of sad if you think about it. The HEPA filter salesman constantly told me to focus my mind on what I was doing, whether it was cleaning a furnace filter or charging an HVAC system because it will be much easier to do and time will pass more quickly. I’m trying to follow his advice, and I’m finding that the more I do, the more fun life seems to be. I enjoy cleaning ductwork when I’m not thinking about how much longer I have to work before I can go home. In the end, it’s the practice of staying present and enjoying the process that truly makes life fulfilling, whether it’s waiting for something or simply engaging in mundane tasks like cleaning HVAC components.

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