I like being alone

One thing I have to say is that I love being alone and living alone! I am not one for getting into relationships.

I tried marriage once and it was not for me.

I am just a personal private person who likes to do their own thing in their own space. One of the major things I enjoy about being alone is that I have control over the heating and air conditioning system! I can not tell you how many times growing up my family would always fight over the heat and a/c unit and the thermostat settings. I had the same issue when I was married. But now living alone now for almost 20 years I can set the heating or air conditioning exactly as I want it. I do not have to fight with anyone about it being too hot or too cold. Whatever my body feels it what it is! I can have the air conditioning on one hour cranked at 69 degrees if I wanted and then flip on the central heating to 75 degrees. It doesn’t matter because I have the full freedom of doing my own thing and running my own living space. I may sound bitter or otherwise jaded. And really, I am in a way. But I really just prefer living alone. I don’t mind a guest every so often, but that is about it. I love my private space. This is how I will be for the rest of my life. Some may call it sad, but I call it living!



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Yesterday and today

It will be smart thermostats only.

When I think about where heating and air conditioning technology has gone between the old days and today it really blows my mind. I can not believe how far we have come from just simple window air conditioning units and hot water boilers along with furnaces. Things gradually progressed into central heating and air conditioning, which at first was so expensive that only the wealthy could afford it. Then as a few decades passed the price went down to where the average middle class person could afford one. And as of the last 20 years central heating and air conditioning has been the standard in every single modern home. Also we now have gone from dial thermostats, to digital thermostats and now we have smart thermostats! Smart thermostats are going to be the wave of the future. Eventually I can see no dial or digital thermostats even being available for sale anymore. It will be smart thermostats only. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing because I have not owned or operated a smart thermostat yet. I am still using a digital thermostat for my central heating and air conditioning system unit. With all this new HVAC technology around it really is exciting to wonder what is coming next and what could be on the horizon for tomorrow in the world of heating and air conditioning! I will personally be waiting to see. And if I can, I will be going out to buy a smart thermostat sometime in the near future just to get up to date with the heating and air conditioning technology of today.
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The last time for this

Well it happened again.

My central heating and air conditioning system took a major dive and broke down. I was able to get it repaired but not on the same day! Which this caused me to have to go to a hotel for the night and blow a few hundred bucks which I really did not have to blow! After being so tired of this and the fact of not having emergency HVAC home services in my area, I decided that I am going to put a stop to this in the future. How you may ask? Well, I am about to go out and buy both a portable air conditioning system and a portable space heater! By having a portable air conditioning system on hand if my central heat and a/c unit takes a dive during the hot summers, I will not have to go to a hotel and can cool whatever room I am in with ease using the portable air conditioning system. Then on the other side of things, the portable space heater can do the same for me in the winter if the central heating happens to go out on me. I should have done this long ago. It would have saved me a lot of money on these unneeded hotel stays! Now moving forward there is no more of that. I am going to buy a portable air conditioning system as well as a portable space heater first thing tomorrow! They are on sale too where I am going to buy them.



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Eating out tonight

But still, I could wish for more

Tonight I took my family out to dinner to this nice restaurant that just opened up here in the area. It is pretty darn hot out and my wife did not feel like cooking tonight. And I have to say other than the fact that the food was great, the central air conditioning was even better! This place is so big that they had a commercial heating and air conditioning system to cool the place. The cooling is much better than the air conditioning we have at home, and we have a pretty decent up to date central heating and air conditioning system too. It really amazes me how commercial heating and air conditioning systems are much more powerful and in most cases better than residential heating and air conditioning systems. I have noticed this a lot in recent times. Going out to eat tonight at this restaurant that had a commercial heat and a/c unit even showed this more. I wish they could come up with the heating and cooling technology to make residential heating and air conditioning systems be just as powerful as commercial heating and air conditioning systems. But, it makes sense as of now as to why the commercial heat and a/c units are much more powerful. It is because there is bigger space to heat or cool. Plain and simple. But still, I could wish for more. Anyway, the food was the best and we will be back in the future. There is no question about that at all!


Commercial air conditioning

This is good to have around

I just wanted to say how great it is to have emergency heating and air conditioning home services in my local area.

I used to live in an area that did not have this luxury option when it came to heating and air conditioning repair.

Having a heat and a/c company that offers emergency heat and cooling home services is a good way to be fully protected in the event of an HVAC emergency. Such as having your central heat and a/c unit break down in the middle of the night or on a holiday. This is where emergency HVAC home services comes in handy from twenty four hour a day and seven days a week operation heat and a/c businesses. It does cost double what a standard heating and air conditioning service call would be. But if you are in a real jam at an odd day or hour, this is where heating and air conditioning home services help a lot. I had to call on heating and air conditioning emergency home services quite recent when my air conditioner broke down right in the middle of one hundred and ten degree weather. I could not afford to go to a hotel and I just needed this fixed ASAP. So I called for emergency HVAC home services and they were right there within a matter of an hour. And within a few hours my central heating and air conditioning system was fully back up and running all over again as it should be.

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Why it was happening

I have been having the most annoying thing going on.

  • The air vents of my central heating and air conditioning system have been leaking.

I didn’t know what was going on or why it was happening. But I had to move my lamp in the living room area because the air vent of the central heating and air conditioning system was right above it and starting to leak water on it. That could be a major electrical hazard waiting to happen. It was then that I decided that I should call my local heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to take a look at my central heating and cooling system’s air vents right away! I actually called it an HVAC emergency and paid for top priority and same day heating and cooling home services. After the heat and a/c expert had a look at both the central heating and cooling unit itself as well as the leaky air vents, I was told that the reason this was happening was because the central heating and air conditioning system has been overworking itself. This was due to the bad weather we have been having around anymore. The fix for it was to simply put in a stronger motor that can handle the extensive use of the central heating and air conditioning system. It cost me some cash, but I agreed to have it done. Now there are no more leaks coming from the air vents of my central heating and air conditioning system!



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Buy these soon

I found out that this store in my area is having a sale on air filters this coming weekend.

Not just any air filters, but HEPA brand air filters for your central heating and air conditioning system. This is a real rare thing to have HEPA brand air filters on sale. Usually HEPA brand air filters are only available at a discount if you buy them online from a bulk purchase or if you have access to an HVAC supplier which sells HEPA air filters in bulk. You do not see this normally from a regular in person store. So I gotta buy these the weekend. Because I want to take advantage of such a real great deal on HEPA air filters. I think I read that included in the sale is also washable air filters of the HEPA brand. I never in my life tried washable HEPA brand air filters. But if they are anything like the top quality of the regular HEPA air filters I know they will be great so I will most likely buy some of those on sale as well to try them out. And if I like the washable HEPA brand air filters as much as I like the regular HEPA brand air filters for the central heating and air conditioning system then I will most likely start buying those all the time instead of the regular HEPA brand air filters. Washable air filters in general can save you money because if they work great, you will not have to buy new air filters for quite some time. I really must make a note to get to that store this weekend!

New heating and cooling information

This was the issue

I was having some problems with my smart thermostat lately.

It seemed to be not reacting so well when I would manually try to turn it on or even when I would try to operate the smart thermostat through the app on the computer or cell phone it was slow to respond. I almost wasted money on calling the heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to look at my smart thermostat as well as my central heating and air conditioning system because it was all connected. Well I was lucky I thought of something to check and try before making the phone call to the local heat and a/c company. As it turned out the battery was going dead slowly but surely. I went right out and bought new batteries and got the central heating and air conditioning up and running once again. With smart thermostats you have to remember to check the battery every other month or so. Usually there is a message that comes ujp which says low battery. But for some reason it was not working on my smart thermostat because I did not get that warning. I will have to get someone to look at my smart thermostat and see what exactly is going on with it. But it won’t be a certified heat and a/c specialist with an HVAC home services call! No way am I paying one hundred bucks for something like that. That would be just ridiculous on my part if I did.

heating maintenance

I was let down

Last year I had bought an electric fireplace.

I was very happy about finally being able to do this.

However, it was not an easy ride to get it going. When I first bought the electric fireplace I had an issue with it. I was totally let down by the fact that the electric fireplace did not work. I had to go through a huge ordeal to even return the electric fireplace and then get a replacement. These things are not easy to just return after you have installed them into your home and assembled everything. So the first part of the task was to take down everything and then make sure all was in the right spot. Then I had to put everything back in the box and take it back to the store. This was real labor let me tell you. Once I got the electric fireplace back to the store and told them that it didn’t work they surprisingly did not argue with me or anything. They got me a replacement right away. I guess this was because it was so pricey and that there was not any way they could actually check it. And why would someone return an electric fireplace just to ask for a replacement of the exact same thing? It just wouldn’t make sense. So that is another reason why I think it went so smooth. Anyway it all worked out for the best and I have the best electric fireplace money can buy!


air quality systems

The all nighter

The other week I was doing some indoor painting all night with a pal of mine at his house.

He wanted to repaint all bedrooms in the house as well as the dining room.

So we pulled an all nighter doing this. We started at around 7pm and we did not get done till near 7am the next morning. With doing this in the wee hours we had to be as quiet as possible when we opened the windows to vent the place as we were painting. We also had several portable air purification systems running as well. He bought 6 portable air purification systems just to run them while we painted. The portable air purification systems along with the windows being opened helped clear out the bad air quality that was brewing from doing all the painting in the house. We didn’t think it was going to be that easy to get it all out of the house. But thanks to all those portable air purification systems it really made it work super good. Also, by running the portable air purification systems and having the air from outside come in it really helped with all the paint being able to dry faster as well. All in all it was a hard worked night and when all was said and done, I went home and slept all day. It was a good thing it was a weekend and I did not have to go to work. Otherwise I would not have been able to help my friend out with the painting he needed done.

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