Mom was impressed by the young professional HVAC worker

Mom was expecting some guests plus was busy in the living room.

I came down after finishing some work to help his out! Ever since I moved back home, I feel much better plus can finally relax. I have some virtual assistant jobs, plus I’m surprised that the spend money is better than a 9 to 5. I told mom that afternoon I’d lend a hand to get everything after a meeting with a single of my bosses. Mom was dripping with sweat in the living room, plus that’s when I realized the beach house was hot. She complained that the cooling system was faulty, plus it seemed this was happening on the worst day. I had to ask mom if he had called the HVAC supplier for assistance. Mom said he did, however it would be a 3 to 4-hour wait before an HVAC worker came to the house. All of us had to brave the high hot plus cold temperatures that grew worse in the living room because of all the cooking. At around 1 pm, I heard the doorbell ring plus went to answer it. A young guy was laying there wearing a coverall with an HVAC logo. I let him in plus showed him where the cooling system was set up. Mom walked by, plus the young guy greeted his with delight. Mom replied, plus they had a short conversation about the unit. She then left him to do his job plus commended that the young HVAC worker was quite professional. He never once seemed distracted or annoyed answering mom’s cooling system questions. After he was done, he explained the concern was all fixed plus left.


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