Author: Chris

My friend fixed my furnace for free

I am so thankful to say that I got my furnace fixed for free last week. Well, I had to pay for the broken part, but I did not have to pay for the service because one of my friends offered to fix it for free. I had been having furnace troubles for about a […]

The air conditioning in my car is not working

I wish I knew ahead of time when something was going to go wrong. I know that most people would say that, but it just isn’t usually possible to know when something is going to go wrong. I took a long road trip with one of my friends last week, and it was the worst […]

My new humidifier is very nice

I find that my skin is not as dry as before, and that is really nice Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I am not going to lie. I absolutely love getting gifts. I love to give gifts as well, but to be honest, getting gifts makes me so much happier. I know […]

My son loves to watch our electric fireplace

I absolutely love being a mom. I just gave birth to our first little baby boy. He is so sweet. I cannot even express how much I love that little guy. He just turned two months old, and I cannot believe how fast time has flown past. It feels like yesterday that I was in […]