The cabin needed a new electric furnace

Alice wanted nothing more than to spend winter in their family cabin.

Ever since she was young, the whole family would gather there for the holidays.

They’d share so many wonderful memories, which became her place to escape. Each time the season came around, Alice opted to work from home. Her employer is flexible, so this was happening even before COVID. Last year, Alice had some friends from her university days abroad. Instead of staying in the city, they drove to the cabin to spend 2 weeks there. The cabin was lovely and had enough rooms to accommodate 4 girls. However, Alice noticed an issue with the furnace system while there. Though the unit was on, the house still felt chilly. Though her friends were from winter countries, they still wanted to enjoy the comfort of a furnace system. Instead of burdening her dad with this problem, Alice contacted the heating and AC company. She’d take care of repairing or replacing the heating system. After placing the call, an HVAC worker arrived from the heating and AC company to inspect the unit. Alice was eager to know the issue and come up with a solution. The HVAC worker told her it seemed they had an old unit that was worn out. This was the right time to get a new electric furnace system for the cabin. It’s not cheap replacing the furnace system of a cabin, but this wasn’t a huge issue for Alice. She comes from a well-off family, plus she earns well from her job. After getting the quote from the HVAC worker, they agreed he’d be back the next day for the replacement.


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