Eating out tonight

Tonight I took my family out to brunch to this nice steakhouse that just opened up here in the area.

It is pretty darn tepid out plus my partner did not feel enjoy cooking tonight.

And I have to say other than the fact that the food was great, the central cooling system was even better! This venue is so big that they had a commercial heating plus cooling system to cool the site. The cooling is much better than the cooling system both of us have at home, plus both of us have a pretty fine modern central heating plus cooling system too. It absolutely amazes me how commercial heating plus cooling systems are much more powerful plus in most cases better than residential heating plus cooling systems. I have observed this a lot in recent times; Going out to eat tonight at this steakhouse that had a commercial heat plus a/c component even showed this more. I wish they could come up with the heating plus cooling technology to make residential heating plus cooling systems be just as powerful as commercial heating plus cooling systems. But, it makes sense as of now as to why the commercial heat plus a/c units are much more powerful. It is because there is bigger space to heat or cool… Plain plus easy. But still, I could wish for more. Anyway, the food was the best plus both of us will be back in the future. There is no question about that at all!



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