This was the issue

I was having some problems with my smart thermostat lately.

It seemed to be not reacting so well when I would manually try to turn it on or even when I would try to operate the smart thermostat through the app on the kindle or cell phone it was slow to respond.

I almost wasted money on calling the heating plus cooling system company to send out a certified heat plus a/c specialist to look at my smart thermostat as well as my central heating plus cooling system because it was all connected. Well I was lucky I thought of something to check plus try before making the phone call to the local heat plus a/c company. As it turned out the battery was going dead slowly but surely. I went right out plus purchased current batteries plus got the central heating plus cooling system up plus running once again. With smart thermostats you have to remember to check the battery every other month or so, however usually there is a message that comes ujp which says low battery. But for some reason it was not laboring on my smart thermostat because I did not get that warning. I will have to get someone to look at my smart thermostat plus see what exactly is going on with it. But it won’t be a certified heat plus a/c specialist with an Heating plus Air Conditioning current home services call! No way am I paying one hundred bucks for something enjoy that. That would be just silly on my section if I did.

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