I like being alone

One thing I have to say is that I love being alone and living alone! I am not one for getting into relationships.

I tried marriage once and it was not for me.

I am just a personal private person who likes to do their own thing in their own space. One of the major things I enjoy about being alone is that I have control over the heating and air conditioning system! I can not tell you how many times growing up my family would always fight over the heat and a/c unit and the thermostat settings. I had the same issue when I was married. But now living alone now for almost 20 years I can set the heating or air conditioning exactly as I want it. I do not have to fight with anyone about it being too hot or too cold. Whatever my body feels it what it is! I can have the air conditioning on one hour cranked at 69 degrees if I wanted and then flip on the central heating to 75 degrees. It doesn’t matter because I have the full freedom of doing my own thing and running my own living space. I may sound bitter or otherwise jaded. And really, I am in a way. But I really just prefer living alone. I don’t mind a guest every so often, but that is about it. I love my private space. This is how I will be for the rest of my life. Some may call it sad, but I call it living!



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