Many HVAC contractors do sloppy work

Unless you have worked with bad HVAC contractors, you might not expect to have any issues when having your HVAC system worked on.

The thing is, there are a lot of HVAC contractors that do a sloppy job and it shows if you know where to look.

Let’s say for instance that an HVAC contractor gets a call for a carbon monoxide leak in the house. A good majority of HVAC contractors will likely check the heat exchanger for cracks to confirm there is a leak happening. If they are unable to find a crack in the heat exchanger, they often will assume it’s a false alarm and simply change the batteries to the carbon monoxide detector. The thing is, these HVAC contractors might not be considering other factors like backdrafting with combustible appliances. If the HVAC contractor doesn’t bother to test for backdrafting, they could be missing something key to the safety of the residences in the household. If you don’t make sure to test for flue-gasses, you might just figure out that the residents who you attempted to help out are in the hospital because of carbon monoxide poisoning! Also, HVAC contractors should be focusing on the comfort in your home and especially ventilation. Can you really even call yourself an HVAC contractor if you ignore the V in HVAC? You should know about testing for proper airflow through the ventilation system, and if you can’t do that, you can’t really call yourself an HVAC expert. Homeowners are better off calling the qualified experts who are certified and have proper HVAC training.
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