I was pretty close to starting a fire

I could not suppose what I did the other day by accident.

I was doing laundry in the basement, plus I ended up dropping a small piece of clothing that somehow made its way into the gas yellow flame of our gas furnace! It caught on fire plus I had to act quick to get it out of the gas furnace opening with a metal rod plus then throw water on it instantly.

Needless to say the clothing was ruined plus had to be thrown out. But I am so fortunate that a fire didn’t happen had I not caught it as it happened! This is just one example of the dangers of a gas furnace. This little incident woke me up plus I am now planning on getting rid of this gas furnace as soon as I can afford to plus I am going to invest in a central heating plus cooling system unit. It is about time I get current with things plus get a full central heat plus cooling system system instead of just the central cooling system I have now. Having a central heating plus cooling system equipment will not only be much safer, but it will also end up making it so that all of our heating plus cooling needs are in one unit. This will also make it easier for heating plus cooling system equipment repair plus getting an HVAC tune up. Rather than having to spend money twice. One for a gas furnace tune up plus one for a central cooling system tune up.



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