I was a little nervous to make the steps, but glad I did

Have you ever bought something and then changed your mind that you did not want it anymore? Well I had this experience recently when I had bought a portable space heater.

I bought it just on impulse because it was on sale.

But then after getting it home I just realized that I tossed out 70 bucks that could have went for groceries or towards a bill. And I really did not need this portable space heater since I had an older one already that worked just fine when I needed to use it. So I went back to the store and returned the portable space heater I had bought. I did not open it, use it or anything. So it was a real easy return. I need to be more careful with my spending habits ever since I lost my job and have been working crappy part time jobs to make ends meet. So buying a portable space heater that I did not need was out of the question. I guess because it was on sale it made me just buy the thing on impulse not thinking about the money situation I am in or thinking about the fact that just because my portable space heater that I do have is old and not as powerful as today’s space heaters, it didn’t require me to get a brand new and up to date one. Maybe in the future I will buy a new space heater, but for now I should just stick with the old one and really begin watching my pennies seriously! A mistake I will not make again.


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