Last Summer our sister moved out

Last Summer our sister moved out of our parents’ house & she decided to go get an house anywhere else.

  • In order to save money, she ended up going to an house that did not have central air conditioning in it.

She said that she was fully capable of living separate from air conditioning for a summer, but I thought differently, then periodically I think I think our sister even better than she knows herself, watching her as we were both growing up has led me to believe that she’s basically a undoubtedly selfish person who only thinks about herself, then don’t get me wrong, I like our sister.Now when she told me that she was going to live in this house separate from central air conditioning in it, I knew for a fact that she was not going to make it through the first summer. That’s just not the way that she is. She gets legitimately mad when she is too warm or too cold, & she also gets legitimately mad when she’s too hungry! She’s hard to live with, I’m not gonna lie. I wasn’t all that upset to see her go when she decided to transport out, but I knew that she would be back. Sure enough, as the un-even temperatures outside got hotter & hotter, we started seeing more & more of our sister. On legitimately warm afternoons, she ended up sleeping over here & I would jokingly ask her why she did not go house to her own apartment. She would just roll her eyeah & make up some excuse or another, but I knew for a fact that it was because she wanted to stay here in the central air conditioning.

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