My friend had an overpressurized boiler over the winter

My friend Jenny ended up with an overpressurized boiler at one point over the winter. When she first told me about it, it really scared me. I have always been a little bit scared of boilers anyway, but I had never heard of one actually becoming overpressurized before. When I told Jenny how nervous I was about it, she just laughed it off. Jenny said that once in a while, boilers tend to become overpressurized. She has had a boiler system as her heating system in her house ever since she was a kid, so it doesn’t really faze her at all.She knows that I am nervous about boilers, though, so anytime I go over to her house she pokes fun at me a little bit and talks about the boiler exploding. I know that she is just doing it all in good fun, but I can’t shake the idea that her house might blow up one day because of it. During the winter this past year, her boiler was overpressurized again and the measures that she usually takes to fix it were not working. Usually, she just goes down to the furnace room in the basement and fixes the boiler herself. This time, she could not get the pressure to subside and so she stopped messing around with it. Instead, she went upstairs and called the local heating and cooling company to have them come out and fix the boiler for her. I thought that was a really good move on her part! If it were me, I would never try to fix it myself at all. I would always call the HVAC company first.

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