The air quality was pretty bad during construction

The project took every bit of the more than two weeks to complete

My wifey plus I had some renovations completed on the house. During the remodel, the home was a mess. We had dust plus dirt all over the home from the businesss, drywall, plus construction. The first couple of days weren’t absolutely too bad, however after the first month of construction, it became taxing to breathe. My wifey plus I did not want to leave our home, because the renovations were going to take an additional 2 weeks. We planned to stay in the house, however both of us never considered the air quality during construction. I spoke with the business plus project manager plus the guy suggested using an indoor air purification system in the section of the home where construction was not occurring. He provided to put up some plastic sheeting to keep most of the dust plus debris out of the rest of the house. The air purification system sounded prefer a great suggestion, so I contacted a local shop that rents air purification systems by the afternoon, week, or month. The owner of the shop is a acquaintance of mine. He gave me a great deal on the air purification system plus sent a worker to set up the machine. The business set up the plastic sheeting plus the indoor air harshly improved after both of us made the swings. The project took every bit of the more than two weeks to complete. We ran into a couple of concerns during the process. We underquoted the amount of materials both of us needed too, however everything turned out perfect when the last swings were made. Now both of us have almost twice the square footage in our numerous story home.