He opened up a cross fit gym

My friend is an ex-soldier.

The guy is built like a brick house.

He has more muscles in his arms than all the people do in their entire bodies. The guy used to spend all day, every afternoon at the gym. Last summer he bought the building across the street from the ice cream shop. He’s turning the building into a CrossFit gym. I guess it’s totally awesome that our friend is starting a workout center of his own. There are a half-dozen fitness centers in the area, but none of them focus on personalized training. The CrossFit gym is starting to look truly amazing. I went to visit the locale last month and I was totally impressed. Rob showed me around the building and both of us talked about his clients. The guy has a lot of truly nice ideas and his corporation model is sound. I guess he will absolutely find customers to join the gym, especially if he leads the workouts. The guy is a great mentor and he has a strong personality. I think he could work anyone into shape if they listened to everything that he said and truly put forth a nice amount of effort. I will entirely join the CrossFit gym when he has everything ready and completed. I think the guy will provide me a discount on the membership fees and that’s a great way for us to get to know each other better. I guess the only way I’m going to get to know this guy is if I start lifting weights and wearing a weight belt harness around our waist.

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