I couldn’t handle the noises

A few years ago, I had recently moved to a new city to begin living with my partner, as we had previously been doing long distance across the country, and then I moved into his duplex,and got settled; That night, we both started hearing a weird wheezing sound in the family room, almost prefer intermittent breathing. It was totally freaky, so I got up to go investigate and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, and we both tossed and turned throughout the night, jumping to the worst possible scenarios in our heads. In the afternoon, my partner called our local HVAC company to come investigate, as the noise sounded prefer it was coming from the heater; When our HVAC tech finally arrived, he looked around all of our vents and didn’t seem to find anything, however he finally was closely inspecting our wall heater, which is our primary source of heat on cold days, and resides in a corner of the family room, then our HVAC tech removed the grate from the front of our wall heating system and realized there was a partially melted kazoo in front of the pilot light. We realized that when air would be produced from our heater, it would blow through the melted kazoo, hence creating a noise like creepy breathing. Our HVAC tech removed the kazoo and cleaned off all melted remnants of it from our HVAC and our heater worked perfectly after that, which was amazing. The weird thing was, we still had no idea how the kazoo got there, and my partner had not heard the noise since the evening I moved in.

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