The west winds

I actually do not love it when the winds are blowing to the west where I live.

The reason for this is that when it happens, the air quality is bad.

And I mean actually bad. I have super horrible dust irritations and the only relief I can get from the west winds is from my whole apartment air cleaner. The whole apartment air purification plan cleans the indoor air pollen levels of my apartment making it so I can breathe a bit easier when the air quality gets terrible from the winds blowing west. This was the whole reason I obtained the whole apartment air purification plan in the first site. If I had not been in the situation with these west winds causing the terrible air quality, I would not have had to invest in the whole apartment air cleaner. But I am glad that the option was available and that the technology exists. Because the air quality gets so terrible at those times that a portable air purification plan would never labor in cleaning the air quality. I suppose because I have tried before I got the whole apartment air cleaner. It actually is a godsend and a charming blessing that the whole apartment air purification plan works so well to conflict these west wind generated terrible air quality nights. I do not suppose what I would have done had this been 30 years ago! It would have been a real conflict I can tell you that for sure. Praise air purifying technology!


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