Barney the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Working Away

It’s almost like having a maid in my flat now with this robot vacuum cleaner.

I have all hardwood floors throughout and it does an amazing job cleaning them and even mopping afterwards.

It works right around my space heater and tables without getting stuck anywhere. I really can’t stand vacuuming so this was such a gift when I thought about getting one the other day, and now here it is! It has a HEPA filter too so I don’t have to worry about the dust getting past the filter in it. I think it cost me about $125 and was well worth the price. Now I can focus on other things like cleaning my HVAC system and keeping my windows clean. That is about all of the housework I have to do here except for dishes and laundry of course. They need to invent a washer that also dries the clothes without needing to take them out and put them in a dryer. Why don’t we have these yet? They seem to have gotten the HVAC technology down but are lagging a bit in the clothes washing and drying department. Maybe if I look online I will find a washer and dryer combination already out there. The new HVAC equipment is quite amazing with its ability to keep your house the perfect temperature year round. It is also very energy efficient, using not much more power than my hot water heater. I think if we can harness the power of the sun for powering HVAC equipment we would all be set.


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