I woke up to see ice on my windows.

It is the start of March, plus there was no way I thought I would wake up this afternoon plus see ice on the inside of my windows.

There were 3 inches of snow on the ground plus ice crystals steadily pelleting the windows.

I walked out of the living room plus went to help my partner. She is the warmest lady I know. When my hands get cold, they automatically go on to her back as I hug him. As she was yelping, she was also asking myself and others why I didn’t just turn the temperature control up? She walked into the living room, turned the temperature control up to 72, plus told myself and others to ‌remember to turn it back down if it got too warm. My partner headed down into the basement where she has a workroom plus told myself and others she was going to ‌finish our granddaughter’s birthday present for her. Half an minute later, she came up, grabbed a jacket, plus headed back downstairs. Before even got the basement door closed, I shouted to him that maybe she should turn up the temperature control. She never answered me, however I heard a chuckle as she closed the door. All afternoon long, all of us had the gas furnace running, trying to keep warmth in our home. The winds were blowing; the windows were rattling, plus a draft just drifted throughout our house. That night, I settled on the couch with a blanket wrapped around me, plus my partner still had on her jacket. She laughed while enjoying the weather. Today was chilly with the temperature control turned up to 72 plus tomorrow it’s supposed to be 72. Who would’ve thunk it?

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