I was listening to the weather report.

I think it’s March, plus I think that in March the weather is ‌ crazy, and it started out with snow showers for the afternoon, sun plus intermittent rain showers with temps near 50° for midafternoon, then 3 to 5 inches of snow for the evening! The only thing I got out of that forecast was that it was going to be a wet afternoon.

  • I turned the temperature control up in the spare room plus got some labor done.

I use the spare room as my sewing room, because it was quiet plus out of the way of the rest of the house. I was working on a quilt for my niece’s birthday, plus I had all the pieces spread out across the floor. When the heat turned on, it came out of the air vent with such force that all of my quilting squares were blown into a pile. I think it is fantastic to have a lot of airflow, plus when that airflow comes through the air vent as heat, it is welcome on days care about today. If I had been smart, I would have had the quilting squares laid out on my bench, however I wasn’t thinking smart. I had to gather all my squares, plus once again kneel them out so I could pin them together! As frustrated as I was with the mess I had created, walking back into that room made myself and others smile. The heat coming out of the air vents was nothing however soothing. It was my fault the quilting squares were strewn all over, for not increasing the direction the air vent blades were pointing.
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