If it weren’t for poor heat, I would have no heat at all.

When my husband talked about having a new HVAC system installed, I shrugged.

I knew my shrug upset him, because he was gritting his teeth.

He reminded me that for the last three years; I had complained all winter long about having poor heating. I never took my eyes off my book as I told him I didn’t complain about having poor heating. I complained because we needed a new furnace and had very little heat. Knowing my husband and how he hates to spend money, buying a new HVAC system would not be normal for him. I got to ‌where I felt that if it were not for poor heat, I would have no heat at all. This was a normal for me. As I went about my business, I heard my husband on the telephone. I knew it had to be something pretty important, because he sounded serious and he was doing a lot of listening and not just talking. Half an hour later, he asked me if I was going to be busy on Tuesday? I told him ‌I had no plans and asked if he had something in mind? He told me ‌he had to work on Tuesday, but if I was going to be home, he was going to tell the HVAC company to send their technician to the house. He wanted to have the house measured, and some information left at the house so we could choose a new HVAC system. Other than asking him if he was sure we could afford the new furnace and air conditioning unit this year, I kissed him on the cheek and thanked him.

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