What do you mean you can't get the air conditioning unit to work?

We live in an area where constant air conditioning is not needed throughout the summer.

  • Because of this, we chose not to get central air conditioning in our home.

We have an air conditioning unit in the upstairs, one in the basement, one in the living room, and two for the bedrooms. This gives us the ability to turn on have air conditioning running only in the rooms we are using.. There are days on end when the only time we use an air conditioning unit is when we are in bed. For that reason, my husband makes sure that he cleans all the AC units once a year, and makes special note to the AC unit in our bedroom. Last summer, he was cleaning the AC units and all I heard was an expletive. I walked out to see if he had injured himself. He had the bedroom AC unit sitting on the bench and many of the parts on the porch floor. He said the air conditioning unit would not work. All I could think was, what do you mean you can’t get the air conditioning unit to work? With all the parts he had lying around and was seeming to be total chaos, I could easily understand why he couldn’t get the AC unit to work. He was probably missing some ‌parts. I was getting ready to voice my thought, when he gave me a grin. He said that a couple small parts had slipped between the porch railing and fallen to the ground. Without those parts, the air conditioning unit would not work

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