Never trust a husband to do a professional’s job.

My husband is one of those men who thinks he can do anything.

Not only does he think he can do anything, but he thinks he does it all perfectly.

I learned a long time ago that I should never trust my husband to do a professional’s job. My daughter and I were notorious for taking long trips to visit relatives. When my daughter got married, my mother became my travel partner. My husband was not the type of person who loved to travel. His idea of traveling was going to the local sportsmen’s jamboree, as long as it wasn’t over 50 miles away. During one of our trips, I learned my lesson. While mom and I were visiting my sister, there was a problem with the air conditioning unit. Instead of calling the HVAC company, my husband decided to repair the AC unit by himself. When he didn’t answer or return my phone call that evening, I was ‌ concerned. No matter where I was, we always took time out to discuss our day, and say good night and I love you. His not answering my phone call gave me reason for concern. The night before, he had told me that the air conditioning unit had broken. I told him where to find the number to the HVAC company, but he said he had it under control. When he didn’t answer the phone, all I could picture was my husband ripping the air conditioning unit apart, and not knowing how to put it together. I could only hope that if he got in trouble with the AC unit, he would call a professional.

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