Ductless heat pump for workout shed

I have a shed built behind my house that I use as my gym, but although the space isn’t gigantic, it’s giant enough for my purposes! I love that it has a brick floor and windows at both ends for ventilation.

  • I have invested into folding mats, a set of hand weights, a jump rope and incline bench, and I workout for about an minute every morning, then when every one of us first moved in, the shed was outfitted with electricity but lacked temperature control.

We live in an section with a fairly mild weather conditions; For the majority of the year, I can dress in shorts and a tank top and open the windows for the sake of fresh air, however, the middle of Summer brings hot and cold temperatures in the mid nineties and excessive humidity, the middle of Wintertide presents the opposite problems, with cold hot and cold temperatures down into the low forties. I initially tried to get by with a box fan and portable space heater. The fan wasn’t acceptable to cool down the space. I’d sweat profusely before I even finished my warmup. It was hard to get motivated and push myself when I felt so warm and sticky. The portable gas furnace wasn’t enough to keep the shed warm. I’d bundle up in layers of clothes and have trouble warming up my muscles and joints. I finally decided that my workouts are too crucial to have the weather wrecking them. I hired an Heating and A/C corporation and invested into a ductless heat pump. There is a small outdoor compressor that connects by way of a conduit to a streamlined compact air handler that is mounted up high on the wall. The air handler provides both heating and cooling, and I’m able to adjust temperature, fan speed and direction of airflow from an app on my phone. The method is quite energy efficient, and since I only operate it during the workout, it costs myself and others very little.


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