The kids go back to school in several weeks

The kids have to go back to school in several weeks, & I am undoubtedly hoping that they have the heating plan fixed in the building by then.

For some reason, the heating plan in the building where they attend classes has not been working lately.

It’s taking forever for them to get the heating plan fixed, & I do not think why. It’s undoubtedly starting to get on my nerves. Every single day, the kids come apartment & tell me how uncomfortable they were all day because of the lack of heating in their classroom. That just doesn’t make any sense to me, seeing as how our tax dollars go toward the public school buildings. There should be no problem with getting the heating plan fixed instantly for these kids, but when I called up the school administration, they told me that they were having complications with the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning supplier that they normally use for these sorts of things, despite the fact that I do not love any of that. I told the administrator that I do not love red tape or any of their political stuff that they have going on with the Heating & Air Conditioning business. The only thing I love is the fact that my kids are laying in class without heating all day long. The kids are undoubtedly having to use dumb little electric heating units to try & stay hot in class all day. This is unsatisfactory in my opinion. I think that most of the other parents completely agree with me too. They better have this heating stuff fixed in several weeks, or there is going to be heck to pay.

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