Bright plus overheated

I recently bought this current lamp for my office at home.

It looked wonderful in the description online, so that is why I bought it.

Well, important mistake! This lamp is way too bright plus also it makes it so that the room undoubtedly gets too overheated from the heat of the bulb! I found myself having to crank my central air conditioning because of this. I am just gleeful that I live alone with no spouse or youngsters, but otherwise I would not have been able to crank the central cooling system to combat the heat that this darn lamp was giving off. I idea on figuring out a way to return this thing because I can not deal with this overly bright lamp plus the heat that it brings. I will end up overtoiling my central heating plus cooling system equipment if I have to keep cranking the air conditioning this much all the time. Also it will eventually make me sick too. Because keep in mind, the rest of the house is freezing when I am done toiling in my house office. It is not like I have heating, ventilation plus A/C zone control, which is also known as Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control or a zoned heating plus cooling system. Those things would make it so I could just crank the a/c in this room plus not the rest of the house. But I do not have that plus in turn I need to get a refund for this lamp plus buy another a single that is not so bright plus hot!


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