The snow started falling & I knew it was time to turn on the furnace

My husband typically complains when I want to turn on the furnace early.

He doesn’t guess we need to turn on the furnace unless it’s chilly frigid outside.

The two of us have had a number of fights due to this difference in opinion; Last winter, our husband did not want to turn on the furnace when it was in the forties outside. He insisted that we run the fireplace instead. I protook care of, although I did not argue with our husband. It is his condo & he makes the currency, so we all follow his rules. I do not disagree with him more than once, because it is not our job to question his authority, however of course, I had to say something when the snow started to fall. I finally had enough & decided to turn on the furnace. My husband came out of his read & he looked honestly annoyed. I showed him the snow outside & he started to look softer. I told him that the kids were shivering & frigid & we weren’t going to spend another moment in the condo without the furnace running. I did not guess if he was going to support that decision or not & I was ecstatic when he did not override our option to turn on the furnace. It was only 52 degrees in the condo at the time & I knew it was only going to get colder after the snow began to fall. 2 afternoons later, we had enough snow on the ground for the kids to build a snowman. I’d say it was more than time to turn on the furnace.

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