I wasn't going back to work until the AC was fixed

I put up with a lot at work.

I never get the afternoons off that I request; My boss makes me work late, even when I have plans. He doesn’t provide me the afternoons off that I request. When the living room AC broke down plus the boss refused to repair the machine, I finally had enough. I came to work last Sunday plus I told my boss that I was not going to work until the AC was fixed. My boss told me to go home. I happily did oh, because I wasn’t going to work another hour plus that diner separate from cool air. It was 95 degrees outside everyday, then and the living room, the temperatures were even harder. I had already worked several afternoons separate from AC plus I was not going to work a fifth afternoon. I hoped that my boss would budge, but I wasn’t surprised that he decided to send me lake house instead. I was scheduled to work at 11 the next afternoon, but I stayed home. I didn’t even call my boss. At noon, the guy called to find out if I was coming to work. I asked my boss if he had the AC problems fixed. I heard him make a really long sigh plus then he said that he would call someone if I came to work. Thank goodness my boss needs me to be in the living room. It is literally the only card I have to play plus the only thing that made him repair the AC problems in the diner living room. My coworkers should thank me.

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