The snow started falling and I knew it was time to turn on the furnace

My husband always complains when I want to turn on the furnace early.

He doesn’t think we need to turn on the furnace unless it’s freezing cold outside.

We have had a number of arguments due to this difference in opinion. Last winter, my husband didn’t want to turn on the furnace when it was in the forties outside. He insisted that we run the fireplace instead. I protested, but I did not argue with my husband. It is his home and he makes the money, so we all follow his rules. I don’t disagree with him more than once, because it is not my job to question his authority. Of course, I had to say something when the snow started to fall. I finally had enough and decided to turn on the furnace. My husband came out of his study and he looked very upset. I showed him the snow outside and he started to look softer. I told him that the kids were shivering and cold and we weren’t going to spend another moment in the house without the furnace running. I didn’t know if he was going to support that decision or not and I was happy when he did not override my choice to turn on the furnace. It was only 52 degrees in the house at the time and I knew it was only going to get colder after the snow began to fall. 2 days later, we had enough snow on the ground for the kids to build a snowman. I’d say it was more than time to turn on the furnace.


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