My buddy fixed my heating system for free

I am so thankful to say that I got my heating system fixed for free last week.

Well, I had to pay for the broken part, although I did not have to pay for the repair because one of my friends offered to repair it for free. I had been having heating system concerns for about a year, although I did not mention it to anyone which was a mistake on my part. I realize now that a lot of people would have helped me, although I was too proud to ask for help. Well, God humbled me through this whole experience, as well as She showed me that I have some pretty amazing friends in my life. I finally told one of my friends that my heating system was having trouble, however that wasn’t until she was over at my home as well as observed that it was a bit cold. She asked me why I kept my home so cool, as well as I told him that it was not my choice. I set the temperature control to seventy-five degrees, however it was still cold in my house. She worked for an Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractor for a few years, so she knew a little bit about Heating as well as Air Conditioning work. She asked if she could look at my heater, as well as of course, I told him that she could. She right away knew what was wrong, as well as she offered to repair it if I just bought the part. I am so thankful for such charming friends, as well as I have learned from this experience not to be too prideful to ask for help when I need it.

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