My three year old has been randomly dropping food down our vents

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed about being a parent.

I have always loved children.

After just a few months of marriage, I was ready to have our first baby. My husband convinced me to wait at least a year. He wanted time with just us two before kids came along. I am so thankful that he convinced me to wait because it is simply not the same once children come into your life. We now have four children, and I can say that there is really nothing in this life that can truly prepare you for children. I was not prepared for how much work raising these little ones would be. I have a three year old right now, and he is going through one of those naughty stages. My husband and I found out the hard way that our three year old son had been throwing food into the HVAC vents in our living room. We came home one afternoon and realized that the house had a foul smell to it. We thought it was the trash, so we took it out, but the next day we walked into the house, and it had the same foul smell. We looked for hours to try and find the source. Eventually, my husband called me over to a vent in the living room and asked me if I thought the smell was coming from it. I knew right away that the vent was definitely what smelled. We stuck a vacuum hose down there and tried to suck as much out as we could. We discovered that it was a bunch of old food down there. It stunk terribly. Our three year old had been throwing food down in the HVAC vents for who knows how long.

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