Can I Find Good Heat Pump Repair on Craigslist?

I enjoy to repair things myself normally but after moving out of the states I have lost all of my tools that I accumulated over the years.

I was a painting company and had everything from spray guns to staple guns and everything in between.

I decided to simplify my life and sold everything I owned, and left the contracting field to do something less physical. I now do all of my labor online and have a legitimately simple life and a legitimately sparsely decorated flat. I enjoy living simpler, it’s less stressful for myself and others and gives myself and others more free time. Now I need to call the local company to help myself and others with my heat pump because I have no tools to do it myself. I was wondering if Craigslist has any nice a singles that I could call as they are over here too when I look online. I just need to get my heat pump changed out because the new a single is not working anymore. I guess it is about 20 years outdated now so it had a nice run but it’s time is finished. The labor is pretty cheap in this town as the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company is quite slow now so this would be the best time for them to come repair it. I could even help the guy out if he needed it and maybe save a bit more on the labor cost. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning repairman is a friend of mine and if it is him who comes out to do the repair I am all set.

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