My husband Tom tore up our furnace when he was trying to fix it

My husband Tom ended up tearing up our furnace last month when he was trying to fix it himself.

Tom drives me absolutely crazy when he is trying to fix something around our house.

He is not the world’s handiest guy, by any stretch of the imagination. The bad thing about it is that he actually thinks that he is the world’s handiest guy. It seems like whenever Tom thinks that he is going to fix something, he ends up making the whole problem worse than it was to begin with. This happened last summer when he was trying to fix the central air conditioning system in our house. He thought that he knew exactly what was wrong with it and that he could fix it himself. However, a small problem went on to being a really major problem and we ended up having to replace our entire central air conditioning system after his little repair job. His one little repair job for the A/C system ended up costing us a small fortune and we had to cancel our summer vacation because of it! Needless to say, I was pretty furious after this. Now that it’s winter, we are having a little bit of trouble with our furnace. Tom says that he’s gonna fix it himself, but I just don’t think I’m gonna let that happen. Last month, he tried to fix it and he ended up making it worse. I think that this should be one of those three strikes in you’re out types of things. I’m just going to call the HVAC company.


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