Duct Sealing and Cleaning for my AC System

I like to do things myself when I can.

I have hardly any tools left to do so now after simplifying my life and moving into a new flat.

This place doesn’t need much from me in the line of handiwork as my owner handles most of the problems now. I do need to replace my shower head but I think I can afford that on my own. Or maybe I can take it off the rent but I’m not sure about things like that and would rather not bother the owner with such trivialities. He did say he’d pay for the duct sealing and cleaning as my unit is starting to show some signs of wear and tear. It’s really not a big job and I think they can do it within a day or two. The local contractor on my street is quite slow so now is the perfect time to call him and get a quote for cleaning my air conditioning system, too. It’s been a long time since anyone has come out to service the unit so I think the owner won’t mind if we have that done also. I think my HVAC ducts are accessible from everywhere in my flat so they should be able to clean it and fix the tape very quickly. I’ll even help them with moving ladders and taping if they want me to assist them. I have an HVAC license and worked in an air conditioning company for a few years so I think I am qualified to do the work.


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