The Calm Before the Hurricane

Our town is gearing up for carnaval tomorrow.

  • I can hear more buzz in the streets and notice more people on the beach.

It only lasts for five days and then the town will be quiet again just as it is now. It’s nice to have a change like this once in a while though. Life can get quite episodic here with the same thing happening each day basically. My life is pretty much the same seven days a week. I work some each day and have almost the same daily regimen with eating and exercising. I do better this way. My HVAC system also does better when I have a regular cleaning and maintenance regimen for it. It is almost like having a pet dog that you have to clean and take care of to keep it healthy and functioning well. Ha, I sound crazy. I used to not even think about cleaning the air conditioning filters until I realized they were causing my allergies. I just thought it was more of a pain to do and didn’t think of it as being unhealthy. I finally changed to a HEPA filter when I found out how much more they filter out of the air than the normal ones do. They cost a bit more but if you pay a little more money you get to enjoy a lot healthier existence. And if you buy a washable HEPA filter then you will save money over the long run without needing to buy new filters every three months. I wish you luck.


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