Can I afford the drain cleaning?

Well what a good Tuesday to you.

I am going to the beach in a few moments to relax with our friends, if they are out there this week.

It is quite slow here during the Winter & sometimes when I go to the beach I am the only one there. In the summer time there are about 100 people on the same vacant Winter beach. I may leave this area for a couple months in the summer time & go back to the house to visit our family. It gets too crowded here & it is tough to relax with people on every street corner. All of us have a problem with the drains & sewers in our house in the states & I guess the people I was with and I need to call a plumbing supplier to come out & assess the situation. I guess the people I was with and I may need to put in modern sewer lines for the whole house because I guess they are 90 years seasoned now & have tree branches growing in them all of the time. All of us always have to have drain cleaning done to remove the tree roots which are catching the toilet paper & causing backups & clogs. It is not a fun job & I guess it is going to cost a lot of cash but if it isn’t done soon I will have no more tenants paying rent. The one tenant said he was great at doing drain line repair & service but I don’t guess he realizes the scope of this project. I guess it would take a few men a month or more to complete it.

sewer line installation