The two of us can't stand the odor and fumes

When the two of us started working at the newspaper, it was an incredible experience.

The two of us began working as an intern and it was during the very first year of our high University days.

The newspaper cubicles were full of fresh and familiar faces. The two of us had a dozen or more journalists in each department. The two of us were in the sports as well as City News Group with five additional reporters. It was exciting for the two of us to work in the sports department for multiple years. The two of us took advantage of nighttime positions since we were at the University at the time. During the afternoon as well as afternoon hours, the two of us attended our classes and then went to The Newsroom to work The Late Shift. The two of us were definitely tired at the end of a long day, but we efficiently used all of our time. Now the two of us are some of the last people to work at the paper. The news place is empty when compared to everyone that worked here a decade ago. The two of us work evening hours and appreciate our shifts. Unfortunately there are times when the cleaning company is there during the evening when everyone else is as well. The cleaning company watches the lavatory as well as the stairs as well as offices. They use a special cleaning chemical that sanitizes the surfaces on contact. These chemical cleaning fumes haven’t really caused some problems for my allergies.


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