I waited longer than I should have to change my Heating and A/C filter

I’ve been very tied up over the last couple of months. I had to take on a ton of overtime at labor just to maintain my job, but because my boss had to let go of many employees, I was told that working the overtime hours was not an option, but at the same time, it means I’ve been able to save money and put away some cash that I normally would not have on hand. I’ve been able to eat now at high-priced restaurants just as a treat for all the hard labor too. It’s nice getting some kind of form of reward for all of this intense effort that I’ve been putting in at work. It would be very nice to get a break from the overtime eventually, however at least I’m making use of the money. Being so tied up is making me forget some of my most pressing responsibilities. Usually I don’t wait so long to change the filters in my air conditioners, however I’ve been so tied up lately that I put it off for 6 weeks. Usually I change my air conditioner filters every 4 weeks, however in this case I left it in longer… Next time I think I’m going to buy a stack of air conditioner filters and leave them anywhere in the household where I shall see them on a correct basis. That way seeing the air conditioner filters will remind me to upgrade the aged one in my Heating and A/C system currently. With frequent Heating and A/C filter fluctuations comes better Heating and A/C performance. I just wish that Heating and A/C filters were cheaper than they are.

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