The AC component in the attic

This week was a scorcher! My AC component decided to go on strike and leave me sweating like a pig.

So, I called an Heating and AC professional to save the day.

And boy, did he bring the heat! The exhausted guy showed up looking like he just ran a marathon in a sauna. He huffed and puffed his way up to the attic, only to fall victim to the possessed AC unit. I swear, I heard a thump followed by a string of expletives. As I made my way up to the attic, I could not help but feel a bit nervous. Was the Heating and AC professional possessed now too? But when I saw him lying flat on his back, I knew it was just the AC unit. He gasped for air and told me that the AC component was possessed by a devil. I mean, sure, it was hot, but that is a bit dramatic. I tried to stifle my laughter as I asked if he needed any help. But he just needed some time to figure out what was wrong. And after an hour of tinkering, he emerged from the attic like a conquering hero. He declared that he had fixed the AC component and it was just a loose wire. But I swear, I heard the AC component humming show music as he left. I thanked the Heating and AC professional and paid him, feeling grateful that my home wasn’t going to turn into a sauna. As he left, I could not help but chuckle at the thought of an AC component with a mind of its own. Who knows what other shenanigans it’ll get up to? Maybe I should start leaving out some water and snacks to keep it happy Or maybe I’m just losing our mind from the heat.

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