Same HVAC Age, Different Maintenance

My brother and I both purchased houses during the same year.

The houses were similar in size and the features were comparable as well.

The only thing that was different about the two houses was the age of them. My house was older, but it had been completely renovated. Surprisingly, we found out that although the houses were different in age, the HVAC systems were the same model and age. We discovered this during the home inspections and we thought it was unique. I’m someone who believes in having HVAC systems serviced at least twice per year, especially during the transitioning seasons. HVAC systems are expensive, so it’s important to take care of them so they run efficiently and have a long lifespan. I was explaining this to my brother one afternoon, but he thought that I was wasting my money. .According to him, he said that if there wasn’t anything wrong with his HVAC system, he wasn’t going to pay someone to tell him that. I tried to explain how HVAC professionals are trained to find issues and service HVAC equipment, but he thought that concept was ridiculous. What’s interesting though, is that my brother has twice as many issues with his HVAC system than I do. I pay the HVAC company twice per year to come service my HVAC system and that’s it. My brother, however, pays the HVAC company to come repair or look at something at least twice a year as well, but he spends more on repairs and labor. One day he’ll realize his foolishness.


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