I wanted to put an apartment in the attic.

My daughter wanted me to put an apartment in our basement so she would have some privacy.

After talking to my husband about the basement apartment, he came up with some great objections.

She was only eighteen, and she would have a private entrance, and we wouldn’t have control over who was coming and going in our home. My husband suggested we put an apartment in the attic. It would be a little more work because we would need to put HVAC up there, but she and any guests would need to come downstairs to use the bathroom in the hallway. We could arrange the room to see if any men were coming and going. They would also need to enter through the kitchen or living room, because there were no private entrances to the attic. I told my daughter that if she wanted an apartment in the house so she had privacy, we would put one in the attic. She thought that was okay, but she asked about HVAC. I told her we would get a mini split ductless HVAC system and she would have heating and air conditioning up there. The attic was big enough that she would have a bedroom and a sitting room. She then asked about a bathroom. My husband turned the conversation back to the HVAC system. She looked at him and asked if she was still going to need to use the family upstairs bathroom and the main entrance? He said it was only until we could afford to put a bathroom in the attic. He ignored the private entrance question.

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