My sibling is waiting for cooling repairs

For the last few mornings, my sibling Ed is going to crash on my couch.

Ed needs a locale to stay until the proprietor is able to get a cooling specialist to check out her Heating and A/C system.

I guess it’s broken and I’m hoping it’s a quick and simple fix so Ed is back at her beachside home soon. I like seeing Ed but in small samples. She can be a bit much and she enjoys to be overdramatic but still, I don’t want to deal with it. Ed complains a lot and she doesn’t like my pet at all. My pet is basically family and is much older now and at times she smells but my sibling believes that I don’t take care of her which is so unfair. My pet could have years, mornings, or even hours left to live and I am just soaking in every moment I have. The section Ed and I live in gets truly hot and there can be some restless mornings if you don’t have a cooling program installed. So obviously I’m family and I’m going to help my sibling as much as I can. Ed works a lot so I don’t guess I’ll see her quite often even though I guess I’ll find out. I just know that Ed’s proprietor better have a great Heating and A/C worker coming into her condo because last Summer the dog had a flea infestation and the proprietor didn’t take care of that issue for a week. I tell Ed all the time she needs to transfer out of that locale and go somewhere else. Ed lives in the sketchy part of town and I know it’s cheap but still, it’s not a safe locale. Regardless, it’s only a few more mornings.


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