Sunrise and the need for heating and cooling

All the time in the winter and the fall times of the year it gets the coldest in my section when sunrise time comes.

This is the time of the day that heating is most needed in my home.

It gets so frosty at that time of the day that sometimes I have to run both my central heating and A/C’s gas furnace and my portable space gas furnace in the family room. The reason for that is my family room has bad insulation and it gets extra frosty in there even with the central heating and A/C’s gas furnace running. I truly do not prefer that time of the year for that true reason. So I just prefer the fact that I have a good central heating and A/C method along with a good portable space gas furnace that has a ton of power. Between the 2 of these it can handle the ultra frosty sunrise time to where I do not even suppose any difference. That is how good of a heating set up I have between the central heating and A/C method and the portable space heater. I ended up buying the portable space gas furnace after residing in the current home that I live in for a few years or so. When I moved into this section I had no method in mind for that it was going to be this frosty in the sunrise time of the morning. I also did not suppose that the family room had such an insulation problem. But all that is overcome now and I am just blissful that I was able to figure it all out.

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