I think ductless HVAC is a good idea

I have been thinking about making a major change to the way I heat and cool my home.

I have been thinking about the super high costs of energy use from running my central heating and air conditioning system all of the time.

Then on top of that, the hundreds of dollars I have to throw out yearly just to keep up on all the heating and air conditioning system maintenance. So I have come up with the decision that I want to make the super large investment and just go with ductless heating and air conditioning. It is something that over a few years will end up paying for itself with all the savings I will be having in both energy use and heating and air conditioning maintenance. The huge investment is going to be in buying a few ductless mini split air conditioning systems and then having to call the local heating and air conditioning company on top of that to send out one of their most friendly and most certified heating and air conditioning specialists to do the conversion on the ductless mini split air conditioning system to make it a full on ductless mini split heating and air conditioning system. I will be doing this sometime in the very near future. I am just needing to get my finances together and get ready to make that super large investment. I am pretty sure that I can do it without a bank loan. But I am still going to have to check it out and see before I go full force into the world of ductless heating and air conditioning systems!
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