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I’m a bit wiped out from playing lots of drums and singing over the past week. My fine friend and I played four mornings this past week, and along with the big Carnaval celebration that was in town, I am pretty much tapped out with parties and people. I am ready for a few days of hibernation and normalcy again. This town was so packed the other night with the parade that I couldn’t get back to my flat in the center for six hours after playing on the beach at sunset. Now everyone left town and my buddy and I are picking up the pieces. Local businesses are opening up again today and they will go back to company as usual, selling Heating, Ventilation and A/C device and all kinds of other things. I am going to go back to my workout routine with my partner and keep on practicing my tunes and writing. My heating dealership where I labor doing heating component sales is going to open up again today and my buddy and I will be back to our respected hours once again. I suppose next year when this silly Carnaval celebration comes to town I am going to take a vacation and go somewhere quiet for a week or so. I could labor on hot water furnaces in another town for another Heating, Ventilation and A/C company and just stay away from this chaos till it quiets down again. I just find it hard to relax when the town is busting out at the seams with silly drunk people and loud tunes. My heating rep buddy likes this stuff for some reason.


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