HVAC is different in different climates

This week is going to be a day for running on the beach with my friend.

The silly Carnaval celebration has basically ended now, except for one more thing tonight where they burn all of the wooden floats that were in the parade. The only issue I have with this is that after they burn it all on the beach, the next day you can find hundreds and hundreds of rusty nails in the sand. I am going to talk with them tonight and make sure this year they get someone to clean up the nails the next day. The local company near the beach told me a few Heating, Ventilation and A/C techs got damaged when they stepped on nails during an cooling system job at the beach bar out there. This would be a big lawsuit issue in the States, but over here things are a bit different. I have to do a hot water install at that same beach bar later this week and I am going to go with my heating rep buddy and choice up nails on the beach if they didn’t get them all. I can’t suppose the town lets them burn all of this wood with nails in it on the beach where my buddy and I all play volleyball, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, enough of that malarkey, let us get on with the Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems and talk about the heating and cooling industry in our town. I’ve been working in this field for a while and it looks like the local company is going to close down soon.

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