There was a temperature of 66 degrees in the classroom

In the past, I’ve volunteered at my daughter’s university to help with her classes, and I enjoy doing this because it gives me something different and fun to do.

I can also work alongside my daughter.

She’s still so young that she enjoys having me around, so I try to volunteer as much as possible. So last week, the university asked me to replace a teacher, and I gladly accepted. It was a chilly morning, so I hesitated to take off my overcoat when I sat my things at the desk. As I sat at the desk, I could feel my toes beginning to freeze as the walls were made of cinder block. I could not help but wonder why it was so cold. I began looking for a thermostat out of desperation. After scanning each wall, I finally found the thermostat tucked away in a corner. I immediately changed the temperature. The thermostat said it was 66 degrees inside, but it felt even colder! As I raised the temperature from 66 degrees to 70 degrees, the oil furnace kicked on. Within 30 minutes, the oil furnace was pumping hot air into the classroom, and I was able to feel my body dethaw and finally relax. As a precaution, I changed the temperature back to 66 degrees in case the teacher preferred it that way.

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