The commercial roofing company provided me a free estimate

I needed a current roof on one of my buildings and I did not know who to call, but i spoke with a couple of people that I know from town and they recommended the same commercial roofing company.

I contacted the supplier and found out that I could receive a free estimate.

I met the commercial roofing company owner at the job arena and my friend and I discussed the uncommon types of roofing materials that were available, however the owner of the roofing company told me that I should be investing in solar panels on the roof. The roof was the perfect place to put a couple of small panels. He provided me the name of a person that I could call for a free quote on that work. I was legitimately impressed with all of the ideas that the roofing company provided and I decided to use the commercial company to upgrade the roof on the building. The team came to the building a few afternoons after I signed all of the paperwork. I thought it would take many weeks to complete the work, but it truly came together a lot faster than I expected. The current roof looks fantastic and it reflects a lot of the sun thanks to a protective coating of white out paint. The white paint reflects the sun and cools down the temperatures inside of the building. That means I can save money each month on the heating and cooling bills. The building is 12,000 sq ft and a beast to heat and cool, so I will do anything I can to lower bills.

Roof Repair