Spontaneous adventure leads to great HVAC discovery

I really like that my kids are older. When my wife and I first bought this house, we had a family to raise in mind. That’s why we went with the bigger house even though it needed more work. Having the space to raise our kids was more important than having the latest in residential HVAC or the perfect kitchen. That’s because we were planning on having three kids and spacing them out about a year or a bit more apart. So while good quality heating and air was important, the space was more valuable for us at the time. But we did end up getting the sort of HVAC equipment we wanted once the HVAC unit we inherited was done. Now that the kids are older, we are finding that we have a great time together as a family. I mean like a legitimately good time. So many of my friends just complain about how nobody gets along. That’s not the case for us. In fact, we love being able to be spontaneous quite often and just hit the road for adventure. We have an SUV that basically has zone controlled HVAC so everyone is comfortable with the air conditioning setting. And then, we pick a spot we want to see and see what happens from there. On a recent trip, we made an air conditioning discovery that will inform the rest of our trips. We ended up staying in a roadside hotel that had some old school heating and cooling equipment. These rooms had that big wall unit air conditioner that you just don’t see all that often anymore. Man, those things were so great. The room was cooled down in just minutes once we turned the air conditioning on.

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